About Me

I have always admired people that made jewelry, I thought that it required a special skill that I just didn't have, even though I've always been quite crafty.  I visited some friends that I hadn't seen for a very long time and she was into making jewelry. She showed me all the beautiful bracelets she had made.  Now, she was not known to be super-crafty, so this was quite a surprise that she was able to make this beautiful jewelry so easily.  Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I could do it.  So I bought some beads and started stringing.  

Now, there is a difference between stringing beads and beading.  Both techniques have their place and both are beautiful, but I quickly turned to beading to create pieces that are truly unique.

My husband and I drive the 3 hours from south Alabama to Birmingham to visit our grandkids and beading in the car was a great distraction!  I bought a plastic grilling tray that has a half inch lip all the way around it, put a beading mat on it and I had my traveling beading board.  I thought I was quite clever!

The first problem was that every time I needed something, I had to fumble around in my tote bag to find it.  The second problem was that, if my husband had to slam on the breaks, the beads went flying all over the car.  The third problem was that, when we stopped for gas or food, leaving the bead board on the seat left it in a very precarious situation.

I had to find a solution to these problems!

One day I was looking through YouTube at beading videos and I saw one that showed you how to make a bead board!  WOW!  That day changed my life!  After figuring out how to make the board, I got the idea to add a drawer to hold my supplies.  Game Changer!  The ideas evolved over the next 1-2 years adding the wells, the magnets and the cover.  I bought a laser that cuts my wood and foam to precision, speeding up production time.

This has been an unforgettable journey.  I have learned a million things along the way.  I love making my bead boards.  Every one is made with love and I send it to you, hoping that you will love it as much as I do!